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S.M. Sohail, Advocate, Founder of Sohail & Co est.1948 (Advocates & Legal Advisers) was an active participant in the freedom movement of Pakistan and served as the President of Provincial Muslim League and President of Bihar Muslim League Relief Fund. After independence, he became Secretary of Pakistan Bar Council overseeing the critical work of implementing legal reforms in the newly created nation. S.M. Sohail, Advocate was a prolific legal practitioner and a close legal associate of Barrister Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy (later Prime Minister of Pakistan). He was elected Karachi’s deputy mayor in 1956 and served as the Managing Director of Karachi Cooperative Housing Union, Founded the Bihar Muslim Housing Society, served as an elected member of the Karachi University Syndicate and Chairman Public Accounts Committee of West Pakistan Assembly and Senate Chair Foreign Affairs Committee of the West Pakistan Assembly. He was an ardent advocate of education and founded Sharfabad English School. Sohail University at Karachi has been founded in the memory of S.M. Sohail.


Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to a wide range of clients and industries across practice areas with offices in all of the major cities in Pakistan.

We take a distinctive approach to dealing with stakeholders due to our Partners’ and affiliate Partners’ unique litigation, in-house experiences, and depth of regulatory expertise.

We ensure success for our clients by practicing preventive lawyering, mitigating client’s legal exposure and risk to unnecessary and costly contentious matters. Our strategy is to facilitate solutions through more commercially viable and expeditious dispute resolution mechanisms.


Consistent with its comprehensive, specialized, and integrated approach, Sohail & Partners provides a broad selection of services ranging from advisory to advocacy services. With our extensive legal network throughout Pakistan, our Firm is in a unique position to handle civil and criminal matters throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan with speed and quality assurance. This service is fruitfully utilized by our clients in the fast-moving goods sector, logistics and transport sector and overseas Pakistanis.


At our Firm, a Partner handles every case. She/he stays fully informed and is always available. We work individually and collectively to allow our Clients to have access to and draw upon the collective experience and mindshare of our team. In addition to legal expertise, close links with other professionals such as financial advisers, chartered/financial accountants, tax advisers we can quickly assemble and coordinate a multi-disciplinary team.


Over the years we have represented and advised a number of high-profile organizations. Some of these are: