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SBP Adopts ‘VPN Technology’ for DAP Connectivity

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has decided to adopt network level security by implementing the ‘Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology’ for Data Acquisition Portal (DAP) connectivity aimed at further strengthening the system’s security. The SBP had launched the Data Acquisition Portal (DAP) in 2011 to centralize data reporting from its regulated financial institutions. Over the years, DAP’s access mechanism has been strengthened by using state of the art technology with a view to enhance its security. At present, DAP access for all users is secured using Multi-Factor Authentication that includes User ID, Password and client-side Digital Certificate. Most recently, SBP also implemented a One-Time Password (OTP) delivered through SMS on users’ registered mobile numbers. The SBP has said that all REs are also encouraged to rationalize the number of DAP users. This will not only simplify the user management process but also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of support operations both at SBP and RE’s.


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